Riviera Resort, surrounded by water, is a paradise of understated amazement. Look around the immaculately kept grounds, planted over the past few decades as an arboretum.

Once you are at our resort you will start appreciating our eco-system that we have built during the last 30 years. There are more than 100 deferent species of flora and many varieties of birds.

Not touting our self as an “Eco-resort,” the Riviera nevertheless “walks the walk” when it comes to sustainable tourism. Virtually all of the vegetables and fish you order for breakfast, lunch, or dinner are locally sourced or better, grown right on the premises free of agrochemicals of any sort.

A “living machine” in which water is filtered naturally and re-introduced to the groundwater. In fact, groundwater recharge and protection is so important here you won’t run into an inch of paving. This keeps the soil and water healthy and it also keeps Riviera cool!

We are proud to be the pioneer in the field of waste management in Batticaloa district. We were the first hotels to build a biogas plant to digest most of our kitchen organic waste and some garden waste. The biogas we produce fulfils around 20% of the cooking energy need.

Most of the garden waste is turned into charcoal by pyrolysis process (burnet in a Kon-Tiki a type of kiln). The charcoal is mixed with the biogas slurry to produce biochar. We also produce compost from the leaves we collect daily. The diagram below explains the whole process, Many NGOs and government departments’ use our model for raising awareness and promoting good practices.

Go Green Diagram